We’re a year old! What now?

Well, more like a year plus three months. But podcasts don’t get a birth certificate, so who cares?

It’s been a great first year. I’ve had a ton of brilliant guests, from scientists to historians to game developers, not to mention the great co-hosts I’ve convinced to come on to talk about sharp swords and lost languages. We’ve covered so many topics on the show so far – time travel, gravity, vampires, cheetahs – it’s hard to know what to cover next, and what experts I could ask to join in.

But here’s the thing… there are always more games. There is frankly an obscene amount of weird and wonderful creations just waiting to be picked apart by perplexed boffins. With that in mind, I’m ready for more episodes. Hopefully, you’ll come along for the ride.

You’re the reason I can afford to make this show. So, a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Hey Lesson, past and present. I don’t know what the future holds. But I’m pretty sure I could find an expert who does…

5 great games from 2020

“Never look back,” my mother always said. “Unless you are compiling your Games Of The Year list.” So here you go: a short video naming the 5 games I most enjoyed in 2020 (and some runners-up too). It’s a real pick ‘n’ mix of a shortlist, with some big blockbusters alongside games made by small teams. There’s no particular order to it. I liked them all, despite what flaws they have (ahem, looking at a certain bizarro walking simulator here).

This is a small bonus video to round out the year. Podcast-wise, I have some good episodes lined up for 2021, and I hope I have as many video games to praise at the end of it. Thank you to all the lessoners and Patrons who have stuck with me so far! Please feel free to shout out your favourite games from this year in the video’s comments. GOTY lists are pretty silly. But they are fun to make. Make one!

Your brain on ‘likes’ in Death Stranding

Smash that like button. Wait, don’t! As we’ve previously discovered, ‘likes’ on social media can make your brain do all sorts of weirdness. But if you haven’t listened to that episode and can’t face the 40 minutes it would take to find out what effect all these little thumbs-ups are having on your noggin, don’t worry. Here’s a video that breaks down the essential points on the topic, using Death Stranding as an example.

This is the first of some videos I’m calling “Little Lessons”. They are short videos that break down a topic from one of our recent podcast episodes. It’s mostly an excuse to make rubbish jokes and force everyone who knows me to cringe at my “YouTuber voice”. But it’s also a way to bring the fun and facts of the show to those who might not have the time for full podcasts. (Also, I am just trying to learn how to make videos, shhhh).

Is this something I should be doing more? Or do you want YouTube as an industry to get in the bin? Let me know what you think!