What would alien life look like? (Mass Effect)

Look outside at earth’s life. Trees, birds, flowers, buses. Truly, it is a bounty of the universe. But could other planets host life? And if so, what would it look like? I don’t know, I’m just a podcast man. But one person who might know is Laura Rodriguez, astrobiologist at NASA. This episode we talk to her about the possibility of organic matter on other worlds, and how far it’ll probably be from the alien spacefriends of the Mass Effect trilogy. Also joining us to talk about said spacefriends is Imogen Beckhelling, noted Krogan liker and lore knower of the Mass Effect galaxy. So much knowledge this month! Come on in.

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Is war in space inevitable? (Star Wars: Squadrons)

With guest co-host Emma Kent!

Pew pew. That’s the sound of lasers whipping past your head in new space shooter Star Wars: Squadrons. Don’t worry, it’s all make-believe. Or is it? For this episode, we speak to an expert of space militarisation about the weapons and strategies used by Earth nations to snarl at other governments in orbit. Victoria Samson is a political scientist at the Secure World Foundation and she is here to tell us that war in space is (surprise surprise) a very bad idea indeed.

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Trailer – We ask the big questions at Hey Lesson

Do dogs get lost in caves? Can we prevent a war in space? How long will the Statue of Liberty last when no one is there to scrub it? At Hey Lesson, we ask the big questions. And we use video games as a handy excuse to do it. You can learn a lot from games like Star Wars: Squadrons, Spelunky, and The Last of Us. You just need to ask the right people. That’s what we do. Smart people, silly questions, video games.

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