What is worldbuilding? (Elden Ring)

Oh, you’re seeking the Calcified Veil are you? [dry laugh] Well, you won’t find it here, among the Earfolk… get out while you can, chosen one. There are only podcasts here. [creepy chuckle]

Hello. What I’ve just done is called worldbuilding. Did you like it? Oh, well, never mind. I’ve got someone here who’s much better at it. In this episode of Hey Lesson, we talk to games writer Jon Ingold of Inkle Studios about the process of worldbuilding. What exactly is it? How important is it? And how do the scribblers of games, TV and film use it without falling into a deep cavern of useless lore? We’re interested because fantasy RPG Elden Ring has just come out, with author George R R Martin contributing to the game. How much exactly, we don’t know. But we can ask games journalist Ed Thorn what he felt about this latest game from creators of notoriously difficult Soulsbornes.

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