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Do dogs get lost in caves? Can we prevent a war in space? How long will the Statue of Liberty last when no one is there to scrub it? At Hey Lesson, we ask the big questions. And we use video games as a handy excuse to do it. You can learn a lot from games like Star Wars: Squadrons, Spelunky, and The Last of Us. You just need to ask the right people. That’s what we do. Smart people, silly questions, video games.

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Transcription below.

Trailer Transcription (snippets from various episodes):

Brendan Caldwell (host): Do I have a brain worm that makes me love my cat?

[Drums, silly trumpet music begins]

Brendan: So my pee mushroom that only got 200 likes isn’t necessarily worse than another person’s pee mushroom that got 2,000 likes?
Dr Ofir Turel (neuroscientist): No, and it’s very subjective.

Brendan: What would last longer: the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty?
Alan Weisman (environmental writer): Well the Statue of Liberty definitely…

Brendan: What I’ve taken from that is: no nukes on the moon.
Victoria Samson (political scientist): Yeah, let me just correct you on that…

Dr Ofir Turel: Eventually, you may feel bad about it because you realize that someone else got 4,000 likes on their mushroom.
Brendan: Yeah. Man.
Dr Ofir Turel: It’s a complex process.

Victoria Samson: Space has been militarized from the very beginning. The question is: has it been weaponized?
Brendan: Ah. Okay.

Alan Weisman: The Eiffel Tower is made out of iron and iron oxidizes…

Brendan: Is that something that happens? Do dogs get trapped in caves?
Christine Grosart (caving instructor): Not dogs. Definitely sheep.

Brendan: As a wanton murderer of the post-apocalypse…
Paula Deming (guest co-host): I am.
Brendan: Do you think Earth is better before or after the downfall?

Matthew Castle (guest co-host): If someone’s on a roll with something, I often don’t want to help them with it. Why should I help them? I want likes. Not them.

Paula: Oh, I feel like Earth is better after. Is the world better? … No.

Brendan: Tell the listeners how many hours of the first Spelunky you have played.
Paul Dean (guest co-host): Well, you know what? That’s a harder question than I —
Brendan: Give me a round number!

Christine Grosart: Sheep are the worst cavers on Earth. They fall down cracks.

Brendan: So I definitely will run through a bunch of enemy postmen if I think it will get me 50 more likes?
Dr Ofir Turel: Definitely is a strong word but certainly you are more likely.
Brendan: I know myself. I think I will.
Dr Ofir Turel: For 50? Okay…

Brendan: Why is that? Why do the cats win?
Alan Weisman: Because the dogs are… um…

Brendan: Are they a precursor to the space fighter pilots of Star Wars? I mean, what do they do? I don’t even know.
Victoria Samson: See… and that’s on them. That’s not on you.

Brendan: If we were going caving right now what kind of equipment would we need? Like, what would I be wearing?

Prof Joanne Webster (professor of infectious diseases): Are we going to blame our pet cats for everything?

Brendan: Why is it important to stop space war from happening?

Brendan: Did you ever get hurt in the middle of liking somebody else’s thing?
Matthew: Maybe if I was running away from a ghost… likes aren’t at the forefront of my mind. I’m more focused on the ghost to be honest.

Paul: I dunno, what about if you grew up in Hampshire, in some crappy Home County suburbs, and there’s, like a, I don’t know… There’s a hole in the ground that you go into as a teen? Does that count? Like a sort of a pit?
Brendan: Um…

Paula: Everyone in this world needs therapy. I mean society really has fallen apart.

Matthew: You can drink a lot of energy drinks and then you have to take a massive wee every so often.

Paula: Yeah, that was rough. We did just shove a knife in that person’s neck and now there’s blood everywhere.

[silly trumpet music ends]

Brendan: So you’ve never seen a pug down a cave?
Christine Grosart: No, I’ve never seen a pug down a ca– That’s not to say it’s never happened. But I’ve never seen a pug down a cave, no.

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