Is artificial intelligence going to murder you? (Portal)

Probably not. But they might steal your job. That’s what I’ve surmised after speaking with our guests for this episode. The game we’re talking about is classic first-person puzzler Portal, in which a crazed A.I called GLaDOS puts you through increasingly dangerous tests. To find out if the robo-apocalypse is even a remote possibility, I spoke to A.I. researcher and builder of artificial intelligences Michael Cook. His coded creatures are mostly harmless, unlike the A.I of popular media who always speak with a vaguely threatening air. But why do they talk like that? Enter stage left, special guest number two: it’s actor Sarah Elmaleh! Sarah has done the voice of a few A.I characters in games like Halo Infinite and Exapunks. She tells us exactly what it is that makes a voice sound authentically robotic. Because if bots can pretend to be people, why not the other way around?

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Sarah Elmaleh is on Twitter

Here’s some of Sarah’s voice work in Halo Infinite

Mike Cook is on Twitter

Here’s his game designing AI, called Puck

Interview music is:
Magic Scout Cottages by Kevin MacLeod

Intro music is Still Alive composed by Jonathan Coulton, performed by Ellen McLain, from the game Portal

All SFX and voice clips are from Portal by Valve

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