How does gravity work on a ring world? (Halo Infinite)

Hope you’re not prone to dizziness. Halo Infinite is set on a giant ring in space and we wanted to know: how does gravity work on something like that? So we spoke to Scott Manley, astronomer and celebrated YouTube rocket man, about how the centrifugal force of spinning would keep Master Chief’s boots planted on the ground, and how the human body can adapt to such weirdness. Also joining us is Natalie Clayton of PC Gamer, who has been gung-ho-ing through the shooter’s campaign as well as its multiplayer. Is Halo good again? Well, she says, it’s complicated.

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Scott Manley in on YouTube

His video on artificial and centrifugal gravity

Nat Clayton is on Twitter

Nat’s Halo Infinite review on PC Gamer

Brendan’s Halo Infinite review on Rock Paper Shotgun

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All SFX from Halo Infinite

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