How does a real Sifu teach Kung Fu? (Sifu)

I don’t know Kung Fu. But I can find you someone who does. Carrie Ogawa Wong is a martial arts instructor based in California and has been practicing the skill for 48 years, earning the title of Sigung in the White Lotus system of Kung Fu. In this episode, she speaks to us about what it’s like to teach the fighting techniques we see in action games like Sifu, and whether this latest brawler set in China’s streets and nightclubs has the right moves. We’re also joined by games journalist Khee Hoon Chan to talk about the game in-depth, and if the setting and revenge theme works for them (as well as other worries such as the game’s, uh, questionable promotional tactics).

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Sigung Carrie Ogawa Wong instructs at the White Lotus Kung Fu Studio

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Khee Hoon’s impressions article about Sifu on TheGamer

Interview music: White Lotus by Kevin MacLeod

Outro music and game SFX from Sifu promo trailers

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