5 great games from 2020

“Never look back,” my mother always said. “Unless you are compiling your Games Of The Year list.” So here you go: a short video naming the 5 games I most enjoyed in 2020 (and some runners-up too). It’s a real pick ‘n’ mix of a shortlist, with some big blockbusters alongside games made by small … Continue reading 5 great games from 2020

Your brain on ‘likes’ in Death Stranding

Smash that like button. Wait, don’t! As we’ve previously discovered, ‘likes’ on social media can make your brain do all sorts of weirdness. But if you haven’t listened to that episode and can’t face the 40 minutes it would take to find out what effect all these little thumbs-ups are having on your noggin, don’t … Continue reading Your brain on ‘likes’ in Death Stranding

Welcome to Hey Lesson!

Hi. If you’re reading this it means Hey Lesson has launched with few problems and I can breathe a big sigh of relief. As the world slides deeper into a twisting gyre of general horribleness, I wanted to make something that might make people smile and say “huh, cool”. I’ve spent the last couple of … Continue reading Welcome to Hey Lesson!

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Hi! I’m Brendan. If you’ve learned anything about caves, parasites, space or human brains, that makes me happy. Mission complete.

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