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Welcome to Hey, Lesson!
A fun pod about silly games
and smart people

You can’t learn
stuff from video
games, shut up

You’re wrong. You can learn a lot from videogames. How do archeologists reverse engineer ancient languages? Where do the Yakuza get their money? What does chasing “likes” on Facebook do to the human brain?

Those are just
random questions.
You can’t fool me

I’m not trying to fool you. Every episode we use a popular game as an excuse to chase down a smart person and bombard them with questions. We might speak to a rocket scientist about Kerbal Space Program, a boffin of biology about the parasites of Baldur’s Gate 3, or a professional cave-diver to get tips for Spelunky.

What would
those nerds know
about games?

Our talking heads might not have heard of the double-jump but that hardly matters. They don’t need games, they’re experts. Besides, every episode will also feature a guest who knows all about the game itself. Just in case you’re not good at learning.

Who said that?
I’m brilliant at learning.
I learn every day

Prove it. Listen to us and learn about topics as wide-ranging as cyber-warfare, deep-sea creatures, Viking customs, or the impossibility of time travel, all while getting clued up on the latest game releases.

I understand what you
are doing, psychologically,
and frankly I am OK with it

Thank you for understanding. We currently aim to release one episode a month. We’d do more, but a neatly edited podcast of this type, with interviews and game extracts and special guests takes a lot of time and work to produce.

But I want more knowledge.
How can I support you?
I got paid yesterday.

You can support us on Patreon for as little as $2 a month, which will earn you the illustrious title of ‘Fact Rat’. This gives you access to unabridged interviews with all the knowledgeable people we meet, and a place on our Discord. There are higher tiers of support with plenty of other goodies too, please check them out! If you can’t afford to subscribe monthly, but still want to help out, you can give us a one-off tip through Ko-fi. You won’t get the extra goodies of Patreon, sadly, but I bet you’ll still feel good about supporting us!