Sad news! Hey Lesson is coming to an end

Hello, lessoners. Some sad news, I’m afraid.

Hey Lesson will be coming to an end after the next episode, I’m sorry to announce. This is mostly because I have started a new job (!) and it will be demanding a lot of time from me in the immediate future. That’s good news for me! But obviously, it is bad news for anyone who has been enjoying the show.

I’m saddened to cut it somewhat short after only a year and eight months, but while I’m very proud of the podcast and happy with all the great episodes I’ve organised and recorded, it has often been a struggle to make it work. With my new work (basically the first 9-5 I have had since 2019) this would only become harder. So, I feel it’s the right time to take a bow.

To anyone who’s been here since the beginning, I know this might be disappointing. But I won’t forget the kind comments, and the good company whenever I popped my head above the Twitch parapet.

That’s a bit of a downer, eh? But listen. We got a ton of clever people to talk to us about space and parasites and kung fu and pirates and cheetahs and… I guess what I’m saying is, the podcast was quite small but in terms of production, guests, and entertainment, we punched far above our weight.

I’m incredibly happy to have made this show, and if even one person learned one silly fact to tell their mates in the pub, then that’s good enough for me.

The final episode is yet to come, along with some overdue bonus stuff. It will be a different format, something a little more fun, more informal, to see off the show. It might also be a bit late (why break tradition now?). Apart from that, this is it folks. You’ve been great.

If you want to follow whatever I am up to next, you can always find me skulking through the halls of Twitter as Brendy_C. Aside from that, I’m sure to pop up here and there in the world of video games. When you see me, please wave. I’ll wave back.

Goodbye, and thanks for lessoning.


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